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Welcome to Federal Recyclers.

We have moved to 502 Industrial Drive Woodstock Georgia.

Recycling drop offs are by appointment only.

We have recycled millions of pounds of computers, electronics, metals and paints via our school recycling program.

We have a saying here that it all adds up.

It doesn't matter if it's one small item or a truck load, it all makes a difference. Your efforts have saved millions of pounds of junk from our local landfills.

We recycle hundreds of items not just one or two things, we recycle computers, electronics, metals and paints.

Cleaning time is here, we recycle, vehicles, old barbecue grills, lawn mowers, riding mowers, metal patio furniture, car parts, old bicycles, gutters, metal siding, metal fencing, exercise equipment and nearly a hundred other items.

If its metal or you can plug it in we can recycle it.

Bring it to us and save the money you spend at the landfill.

We help our community with dozens of recycling events every year. The majority of these events are fundraisers for our schools. During these recycling events sometimes the processing fees might be a little higher. We hope you understand and we thank you for supporting our schools.


We DO NOT recycle other household chemicals, such as acids, pesticides, herbicides, cleaners, oils, antifreeze etc.

The fees listed below are for paints dropped off at our office only.

The prices are :

Pints and spray cans are $1 each

Quarts are $2 each

1 gallon cans are $4 each

2 gallon cans are $6 each

5 gallon cans are $10

If you can't make one of our recycling events please feel free to drop off your recyclable Computers, Electronics and Metals at our facility. There is a $20 fee for each TV and $15 for each monitor along with fees for paint everything else is free to drop off. You can drop items off between 10 am and 5 pm Monday through Thursday. It is best to call first to make sure someone is there to help you with the recycling.

Call 770 591 0375.

I want to thank everyone who has helped us recycle over the last seven years the school recycling program has recycled several million pounds of computers, electronics and metals. Your recycling efforts really are making a difference.

Federal Recyclers is a  Native American Owned Company. Our main business is the recycling of computers and computer related equipment and components. We also recycle all types of metals and paints.

If your company has large amounts of obsolete equipment being stored we can help you free up that valuable space by recycling it for you.

Every week there are thousands of computers taken out of service and replaced with more modern and energy efficient ones. Our Federal Government alone replaces 10,000 computers per week. That is over a half million computers a year. Just think how many computers are upgraded each year. The U.S. Government buys seven percent of the world's computers. 

A large number of these older computers and non functioning units end up in storage closets, warehouses and landfills, or overseas where generally the environmental standards are lower.

Electronic equipment contains toxic materials such as lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium, and beryllium, if these computer items are thrown away the deadly toxins could be released into the environment.

Here at Federal Recyclers we completely disassemble older computers and non working computer related components for environmentally safe recycling.

Feel free to contact us via Email: Info@FederalRecyclers.com

or by phone @ 770 591 0375 

Corporate America wastes millions of dollars a year storing old out dated obsolete equipment. If your company is doing this call us we can help you by removing this old equipment FREE.

Don't pay someone to help you recycle. 

Think Green

We offer recycling of your old computers. Many companies charge processing fees for each unit sometimes they even charge you several hundred dollars just to pick it up on top of the per unit price processing fees.

These same companies who want you to pay them to pick up equipment make money on the recycled items.

WHY CHARGE we make our money by recycling. There is no need to gouge anyone because they want to do the right thing.

We recycle your old computers  and computer related equipment FREE

There is a $20 fee for recycling of Televisions and a $15 fee for monitors 
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